ACO is the worlds leading manufacturer of stainless steel point drains and trench drains for beautiful showers.

QuARTz by ACO shower channels allow the bathroom floor to take on a new dimension to become an integral part of the design. Versatile to fit with many design layouts and floor structures.

Whether your expression of style is sleek, contemporary finishes, or the rustic beauty of Old World tradition, QuARTz shower channels are designed to blend seamlessly into the concept you create. Linear drainage removes compromise; allowing the drain to be positioned not only centrally, but against the wall or as a  threshold. This elimination of complex floor grades ensures improved drainage, and improving installation by simplifying tiling and eliminating complicated angle cuts. Removing compromises ensures bathroom aesthetics and style is enhanced.

ACO designers have considered every detail; different edge styles for different floor construction, plumbing connections, leveling feet; all the specifics that count to ensure a perfect installation.

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