Point Drain with Fabric Membrane Installation

Installation – Point Drain with Fabric Membrane
  1. When altering floor joists, consult Structural Engineer for advice and reinforce floor joists as needed.
  2. Frame out shower surround as required.
  3. Connect base of PVC CPE membrane body to pipe work, leave drain bolts in place. Block drain opening with rag to prevent floor mortar from entering.
  4. Connect drain flashing to the PVC CPE membrane body. Seal drain flashing to base, not clamping flange.
  5. Trowel mortar to required height, allow for thickness of tile and thinset mortar, grade to create minimum 2% slope towards drain.
  6. Install waterproof membrane per manufacturer’s recommendations. Seal membrane to drain flashing.
  7. Test membrane for leaks.
  8. Position threaded/rubber push-fit coupling in drain flange at correct position/height.
  9. Solvent weld point drain spigot to threaded coupling/push point drain spigot into rubber coupling (use dish detergent to assist), at correct height and orientation.
  10. Fill mortar inside drain flashing around drain. Protect weep holes on PVC CPE membrane body from obstruction.
  11. Apply thinset and install tile and grout.
  12. Install grate.
Wooden Joisted
Concrete Slab

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