What is a linear shower drain?

A linear shower drain is a channel or longitudinal trough with a grate on top rather than the traditional point drain which is typically a small basin with a round or square grate. Both solutions work in the same manner – water is collected from the shower floor and directed to an evacuation pipe.

Why use a linear drain instead of a point drain?
  1. Functionality – Linear drains allow the shower floor to be created in a 2-dimensional shape (a flat plane) sloped towards the drain. This allows the designer to use large tiles instead of mosaic, allowing for endless design possibilities. Linear drains also make it easier to create barrier free designs – no curb between the shower and the bathroom floor – allowing access for people with disabilities, seniors, and a better aesthetic.
  2. Aesthetic – The linear drain solution can dramatically simplify the look of the entire shower construction. In addition, many linear shower drains have sophisticated, modern designs that add an extra element to the bathroom aesthetic. QuARTz by ACO shower drains come in a variety of styles and finishes and are available with glass covers or water activated LED lights for more dramatic design elements.
How complicated is it to install a shower channel drain?

Shower channel drains are as easy to install as point drains. However, we always recommend the installation be executed by a professional and experienced installer.

I want to build a barrier free shower. What do I need to consider?

Please review the Barrier Free Technical and Planning Considerations under the Planning menu on this website.

If I have a point drain in my shower is there a simple way to replace the grate with a linear shower grate?

No. Unfortunately, the entire shower base will need to be restructured to incorporate a linear shower drain.

Does the drain need to be exactly wall to wall?

No, the drain can be exactly wall to wall or shorter. Having 1-2 inches of tiled floor between the end of the drain and the walls will not change the function of the drain. From an aesthetic perspective, it is easier to create an elegant installation when the drain is shorter than the space between the walls.

What is the difference between the two linear shower channel body types available from ACO?

A long lasting waterproof base is is an essential part of shower drain construction. There are various types of waterproofing options for the shower base and the two different ACO channel bodies cover all solutions. Please note: It is very important to determine the type of waterproofing method prior to ordering the drain.

Is one waterproofing method better than others?

All waterproofing methods used today have proved effective over many years. The selection is typically made by the installing contractor based on their experience.

What information do I need to have prior to ordering a linear drain?
  1. Length between the shower walls where the drain will be installed
  2. Type of waterproofing (membrane) solution to be used
  3. Type of grate/design
  4. Finish of the drain – polished, satin, matte black, etc.
  5. If non-standard or multiple shower heads are used – total hydraulic output
  6. Type of finish for the shower floor (standard tiles, natural stone, etc.)
Why should I choose a QuARTz by ACO ShowerDrain?

ACO has decades of experience manufacturing drainage products. This experience translates to every aspect of the products we offer. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  1. Aesthetics The artistic aspects of the visible part of the drain, the grate, have a level of maturity and sophistication unmatched by any other product on the market. We recommend seeing sample designs in person rather than relying on catalogs and images online.
  2. Details of design The simplicity of QuARTz by ACO drains make them incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Many competing drains have complicated architecture, resulting in trapped dirt and hair that cannot be easily removed.
  3. Surface treatment and finishes Many people believe that stainless steel will not rust. This is not true. The manufacturing process – punching, bending, welding, etc. damage the material and leave it subject to corrosion. Many manufacturers use cheap methods to cosmetize the the material after manufacturing, but fail to restore the anti-corrsion properties. All ACO drains go through the pickle passivation process and/or electro polishing after the manufacturing process to ensure the final product will remain rust free and last for a long time.
  4. Testing – To ensure customer satisfaction and long product life, all ACO products are independently tested. From a load perspective, QuARTz by ACO shower drains are tested to thousands of passes of a wheelchair with a 450 lb load.
  5. Unique options – Glass grates, personalized grates, and water activated LED lights are options only available with a QuARTz by ACO shower drain.
How do I clean a QuARTz by ACO shower drain?

ACO shower drains can be cleaned with a soft cloth and mild soap. The drains are designed with smooth surfaces inside to mitigate dirt accumulation and minimize cleaning time. Refrain from using chemicals or acids to clean the drain. If you are unsure of what to do when cleaning, please call ACO for advice.





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