Linear and Point Drain Installation Considerations

Linear Shower Channel Technical and Planning Considerations

Installation Against the Wall

Simple slope solution in one direction

  • slope away from the bathroom dry area
  • no risk of bypass
Installation at Shower Entrance

Slope in one direction, lowest at the shower entrance

  • possible risk of bypass
  • slope of bathroom floor towards shower area is recommended to prevent bypass
  • channel length should exactly fit the shower opening
Installation With Two Channels

Two directional slope towards the bathroom

  • ideal for very large shower areas
  • can be used with barrier step
Installation with Center Channel

Two-directional slope towards the channel

  • whole bathroom floor or just shower area can be sloped towards channel
  • can be used with barrier step

Point Drain Technical and Planning Considerations

Point Drain Within Shower Area

With a single Point Drain, floors must be graded appropriately, or other barriers must be used to prevent flow of water into bathroom area

Point Drain Within Shower and Bathroom Areas

Multiple Point Drains can be positioned within both the shower and bathroom areas. Point Drains can be used as a secondary drainage point outside of the shower stall. Bathroom area Point Drains will also drain any spills or leaks from cleaning or other bathroom fixtures.

Barrier Free Shower Technical and Planning Considerations

Linear shower drains can be installed in a barrier free shower

  • bonded membranes will provide shallower installation and easier execution
  • Requires lowering the sub-floor in the shower area

Click here for Barrier Free Shower Design FAQ.

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